Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2nd post. Poem

I came across this and it reminded me in some way about Beckett. It could be the tone, but either way I like it and wanted to share. I've pasted it in below. It is a bit of an odd one though, fair warning.

Please sir,
Do you have a Mother?
Perchance I may purchase her.
Do you ever yearn for tit to tongue?
Of Course,
I know you do
I can smell the stench of that Betty on lips,
under your tongue and upon the pulsing of the blood under the skin of your neck 

I see her marks running up your arms
She's ruined you
The least one such as yourself could do
In your obvious position
Would be to share the load,
To push her into a fellow such as myself

Do it the same as yours
But cleaner
I can see it festering black upon you
The gruesome stench of her disease erupts from your untreated appendages
The spoil of it mushrooms forth
You have no use any longer

Give Mother to me
Share the load
Load the sweet disease for me
Watching is at least a quarter of the fun

I, unlike you
Have not succumbed to necrotic uselessness
Your member has practically eroded away
You and I both know
 Give me Mother

There's a good rube
A good son
That's it, you can watch if you like
See my head begin to lull in tune with the Bitches drums
Coursing through every fiber of my being?
Of course you do
Its only the beginning
You know Mother
That Bitch

You've already succumbed to her
You are her
And I must warn you
If your pasty, scared
Sweet chemically potent bag of diminishing flesh you still call your own
Were to fall out before my eyes I would not hesitate
To pump the last drop of you into me
Straight to the forearm
Or maybe the tongue, makes the taste more alive
 A chemical tang
Like a sour patch chew

Don't worry old friend
For the same shall befall me at a later date
Or sooner perchance
We'll never know for certain,
But you must know this
And have known

That Black Beauty
She's in the likes of us
She never releases her soothing grip
That Whore 

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