Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day 1. Imagination Dead Imagine

The following passage is an interpretation based on only one perspective possibly taken by Beckett in "Imagination Dead Imagine."

 After reading, I felt the piece could be interpreted in a variety of themes ranging from strictly philosophical, self reflective, or to target society. Either way irony lay at its base.

The opening line, "No trace anywhere of life, you say, pah, no difficulty there, imagination not dead yet, yes, dead, good, imagination dead imagine," is a challenge. The line above, "You say," is faintly mocking. I felt the passage was either imagining death or literally dead imagination. Ironically this dead imagination seems to be alluding to life, the permanence of life's chaos, and how briefly moments of extremes  last. 

 Beckett continually enters and exits the rotunda of the imagination. Change between theses two extremes is constant. A stable state lasts no longer than twenty seconds and then everything either rises or falls. Life mirrors this. People are always rising or falling in one way or another. This imagination, life, is torture. The mind is chaotic and controlling. The bodies are merely puppets standing at attention waiting for the torment of the mind, the unbeatable maze. Herein lies the irony. The individual, the group, the ones crying out are masters of their own demise. People give control of the their decisions to everyone and thing but themselves,  to society.

 Society won't change. It would rather continue going about the same circle every day, as in the labyrinth leading to the gates of Tartarus, constantly moving and pausing only for a second as all the pieces match up in a moment of perfection, gone in a blink of the eye.

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